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Northern light

Day 1

Arrival. Meet and  greet at the aiport. Transfer  to the hotel and  accommodation.  
Tours,sightseeing tour of Yerevan. Familiarization with the city. Cascade -State Opera and Ballet. Singing fountains in the area of Square of  Republic

Day 2

Tour in Yerevan .Visit to memorial Cicernakaberd (Swallow fortrees).Museum Marenadaran and Museum of History of Armenia

Memorial dedicated to victims of the Armenian genocide in 1915 in the Ottoman Empire.

Matenadaran is one of the largest and rich  repository of old books. In the museum of the history of many beautiful and interesting exhibits of different eras of centuries-old history of the country

Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel. Trip to Haghpat (X-XII c)  and Akhtala (X-XIII)  Excursion through the complexes. Accommodation at the hotel "Avan Dzoraget"

Visiting the northern  regions pleasing to the eye. Incredible natural beauty, plus fine examples of medieval architecture in Armenia. Both models confirm the monastery high level of Armenian artists.
Akhtala castle and monastery of XII century. Center of Chalcedon
direction of Christianity in medieval northern Armenia
Haghpat monastic complex has been built   in X-XIII  c.  Museum. Historical  numerous cross-stones, and beautiful surroundings

Day 4

Breakfast. Trip to Sanahin (X-XI с)  and   Odzun ( VIc),  Kobayr (XII-XIII c)     

Sanahin one of most visited monasteries in Armenia. Theological Academy XI century, built by Grigor Magistros Pahlavuni

Odzun-domed basilica of VI century. Here worked great medieval philosopher and author of the Code of Canons Hovhannes Odznetsi


Day 5

Breakfast in the morning. Hiking to St. Grigor Bardzraqash Church (Xс). - H.Tumanyan’s  museum in  Dsegh  -  hotel "Avan Dzoraget"

Walking tour will be a fascinating journey along a mountain path to the church of St. Gregory, which is located on a picturesque hill side under rocks of Marts Gorge . Numerous cross-stones on the path on the road to the village will add to the impression from what he saw in the ruins of the church. House Museum of H.Tumanyan piece of Armenian history, his life and acquaintance with the life and works of great Armenian writer. The completion of the tour down the mountain path to the hotel. From the path to the eyes open neighborhood of the beautiful views

Day 6

Breakfast at hotel.drive to Hagharcin (X-XIII c). Drive to Sevan Lake. Accommodation at the hotel .

On the emerald meadow, lost in the woods Monastery Haghartsin not leave you indifferent. A wonderful building, ideally with the environment. At any time this magnificent architectural complex attracts tourists from all over the world.

Home monastic church of St.  Astvatsatsin  was built in 1281.Church St. Grigor built in XI century is the oldest building of the complex. In XII-XIII centuriesthe church was built Gavit.


Day 7

Breakfast. Rest at the Lake  Sevan
Lake Sevan is one of the miracle of nature. Situated at an altitude of1900 m Sevan has the ability to look to your eyes different colors depending on the weather and time of day! Activities on the lake you will be pleased!

Day 8

Breakfast.Drive to Yerevan.Accommodation at the hotel .Tour in Yerevan.
After traveling to Yerevan to open your new eyes. The capital of Armenia has incorporated a centuries-old tradition of Armenian architecture and you will be to compare with the architectural decisions of the city!

Day 9

Free day. Shopping.Firewall party

Day   10 Transfer to  airport. Departure