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Ararat Valley

Day 1

Meet and greet at the  airport. Transfer  to the hotel and accommodation . Rest. City tour(Titsernakaberd   and Museum of Genocide. Matenadaran , State Museum of History.)
Memorial dedicated to victims in Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide in 1915 in the Ottoman Empire. Matenadaran is one of the largest and richest repositories of old books.

Day 2

Breakfast in the morning. Visit to Ejmiatsin(mother  cathedral, the churches  of Holy virgins, st. Gayane, st. Hripsime and  also  the  riuns  of  Zvartnots)
Visit the First Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin (303g BC), the most ancient Christian temple in Armenia and one of the oldest in the world, prominent Armenian architecture VII centuries churches and St.Ripsime Gayane and the ruins of Zvartnots temple (vigil forces).Cathedral was built in the VII century and was a true work of art, and the flight of architectural thought. It was destroyed in the X century cause of earthquakes

Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel. Visit to Garni pagan temple-Geghard monastery complex.

Visit the pagan temple of Garni (1st century BC), which is sometimes called the Armenian and the Parthenon is the only remnant of the Armenian paganism. It is located in the village of the same name. Garni is one of the most visited places in Armenia. It was the summer residence of Armenian kings. Retained the old bathhouse of Garni. Look forward to an unforgettable experience on the type of look-r..Azat Valley area is located next to the temple!

Gegard monastery. Gegard means spear, on behalf of the spear, which believe it was used during the crucifixion of Christ and was transported and deposited on here have stored, and later) Gorgeous monastery complex, the main church in the rock cut down in the XIII century by the master for 42 years!. The monastery was founded XII-XIII centuries.

Day 4

Breakfast  at the hotel. Drive to Khor Virap,  the nearest point of Armenia to the mountain "Ararat". -Areni-Noravanq-Yerevan/ 
The monastery is located above the choir Virap underground prisonin which the Armenian king Tiridates III contained in prison for 13 years St. Gregory the Illuminator, before it was converted to Christianity (in 301). Hill Choir Virap is located on the site of the ancient Armenian capital Artashat built (circa 180 BC. E). KingArtashes I, founder of the dynasty Artashesids

Noravank translated from the Armenian "new monastery") - the monastery complex, built in the XIII century AD on the ledge of a narrow winding gorge of the Arpa River Gorge is famous for its steep red cliffs, towering over the monastery, which is located in the two-story church Astvatsatsin console with narrow staircases. Arena and wine tasting at the winery Vernashen will be the perfect complement seen in this beautiful region.

Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Amberd, Saghmosavanq. Back to Yerevan.    
Amberd - Historical Site on the slopes of Mount Aragats in Armeniafrom the VII century castle and the church of the XI century. Located at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level. It offers a beautiful view of Mount Ararat and the Ararat valley. Far from the fortress at the peaks of Mount Aragats is a lake Cary (Stone).

On the way back you will see one of the finest church buildings Saghmosavank. As Ovanavank sky monastery, situated on a high Saghmosavank gorge the river Kasakh. Zion Church in the Monastery (1215), and the church of St. Garabed in Ovanavank(1216-1235) were based Vachutyan Vache. They belong to the same type with a cross and a luxury high dome. Churches have several domes, which is reflected from the outside.

Day 6

Breakfast at the hotel. Museum of History of Armenia, Farewell party
In the museum of the history of many beautiful and interesting exhibits of different eras of centuries-old history. Farewell


Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Departure.