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Classic-guided tour - is the most common and most comfortable form of travel. available and recommended for all categories of tourists. This form allows for a short time to see and read the many attractions.
Ecological Tour / Walking Tours-term ecological tourism (ecotourism) appeared in the second half of the 20th century and the mean travel varying degrees of complexity, length, ranging from the boundaries of the settlements and to entire landscapes - mountains, fields, steppes, forests, a synonym of "Environmental tourism "is a green tourism (green tourism), tourism is a natural (nature tourism).
This kind of tourism is the most interesting and recommended to the people more physically fit, and durable. It involves not the most comfortable and we must be ready for any difficulties (weather, accommodation, meals, etc.). But this does not mean that it is not available the least prepared, then you can be and will power, having experienced a wonderful sense of inner mission to meet with the beautiful and the feeling will override the difficulties and primarily the discovery of new faces in itself!
Out such a form of eco-tourism - an active eco-tourism (hiking, cycling, water, horse riding, fishing). Faunal and floral visits (ornithological tours, hunting, travel case), cultural and ethnographic trips.
Village Tour and its variety agritourism have much in common with the eco-tourism and is often responsible for many of its priorities, in particular the preservation of natural and cultural environment, support for the welfare of the local community, tourists supply of food from local products. In rural areas many visitors arrange for additional services, which include ecological tourism programs: horseback riding, biking, routes for significant paths in national and landscape parks, natural journey, picking berries and mushrooms. But rural tourism (agritourism), and eco-tourism are different main objectives of free time. Their main difference lies in the underlying motives for traveling. Rural tourism - a form of hanging out in the form of free holiday stationary, while the underlying goal of ecotourism is an active opening of the wildlife, culture and traditions, their deep knowledge and perception. Rural dwellings can be used as a base for an overnight stay and food eco-tourists

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