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ARAGASTAragats restaurant

Address: 41 Isahakian Str., Yerevan
Phone: (+374 10) 542254

Even the pickiest visitor of “Poplavok” Café will be satisfied with Armenian, European and Japanese cuisine.
Music lovers can enjoy live jazz music every day from 9pm to 12am. А favorite Armenian singer Forsh performs here on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Address: 82 Hanrapetutyan Str., Yerevan
Phone: (+374 10) 561177, 562614CAUCASUS TAVERN

Caucasus Tavern is the restaurant in Yerevan serving authentic regional food of southern Caucasus, and genuine Armenian live music of such instruments as kamancha, duduk, t’mbuk, and an oud. Decorations and ambience bring visitors to Tbilisi or to the old Yerevan. Armenian, Georgian and other Caucasian nations’ dishes, starting from tondir barbeque up to great variety of khachapuri made by cooks invited from Georgia. Clients have an opportunity to choose fish from the pool, which will be cooked and served.



Address: Raffu St. 23/3

Phone: (+374 10) 730042, 720056

Just minutes from central Yerevan Mer doonee restaurant complex is located at the south central region of the city. You will enjoy the good old Armenian cooking prepared by the professional cooks. You will leave us satisfied and impressed!

OLD ERIVAN (optional)

Address: 2 Northern Ave., Yerevan
Phone: (+374 10) 540575, 588855

Old Erivan Restaurant gives you the total experience of Armenian hospitality. A visitor to this wonderful place will discover the true flavor of the Armenian national cuisine. Live music of Armenian magic instruments kamancha, duduk, t’mbuk and oud is voiced here. Gorgeous five stored building is situated in front of the Opera and Ballet House.


Address: 3 Amiryan Str., Yerevan
Phone: (+374 10) 545900, 545400

Professional cooks of Bellini restaurant, trained in the best restaurants of Europe, will surprise you with the variety of dishes of Eastern and European cuisines.


Address: Tsaghkadzor, Hotel Kecharis

Phone/fax: +374 223 52091/2/3/4

With its unique ancient style decor, the Excalibur Steak House, serve international meals with large variety of meats, salads & soups. It is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a fine meal after a powerful day of activity.



Address: 52/1 Pushkin Str., Yerevan
Phone: (+374 10) 535350, 531778

This is one of the most frequent and lovely places of time pass of Armenians and the guests. Here one may relax; taste wonderful dishes and every day after 21:00 enjoy live jazz music.

THE CLUB (optional)

Address: 40 Tumanyan Str., Yerevan
Phone: (+374 10) 531361

The Restaurant: indulge in a daily feast of epicurean delights at the elegant Western Armenian restaurant with a French touch. This warm, unfussy place is very cozy and the signature food by Boghos, The Singing Chef, is terrific and inexpensive.



Address: 1/3 Abovian Street
Phone: (+374-10) 56-61-69
A popular American style diner on Abovian Street, a block from Republic Square. Owned by Diasporan Armenians from the Middle East. Initially attracting mainly western expats, the clientele now comes from all over, and getting seats can be hard on some nights. In March 2006 a small upstairs non-smoking lofted lounge was opened with sofa seating.


Yerevan, Gegharkunik marz

Phone: (374 10) 561 776

Besides a wide range of meals of international and Czech cuisines in a restaurant of "Bohemian Resort" you will have a chance to taste famous "Chodovar" beer -exceptionally soft water coming from the massif of Borska zula that runs through the Cesky les, malting of barley grown at the foot of Border Mountains of Bohemia and Bavaria and traditional production procedures kept for centuries are the basic ingredients of beer production.

BRAVO (optional)

Address: 13 Hrachya Kochar Str., Yerevan
Phone: (+374 10) 270610

Bravo Restaurant and bar offers Armenian, Oriental, European and Japanese cuisine. Live music fills every corner with passion and light. “The Land of Mystery" can be said, if to characterize this place by one phrase. Every hall dictates its own atmosphere. You can choose the place according to your mood: Classic Bar and a Tropical hall.


Address: 2 Baghramyan Str., Yerevan
Phone: (+374 10) 585985

French café and bar with sophisticated menu and fabulous atmosphere.


Address: Hrazdan Canyon, Monte Christo Restaurant, Yerevan
Phone: (+374 10) 543398, 543399

A gorgeous restaurant at the Hrazdan river gorge.


Phone: (+374 222) 26968

Perfect place for celebrations, banquets. Fountains and garden remind little spot or paradise. The restaurant hall can host up to 100 guests.


Address: 7 Paronyan Str., Yerevan
Phone: (+374 10 530563)

A restaurant with a wide range of dishes. A perfect place to share the evening with relatives and friends and to taste the meals from a first-class cooks.

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