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Hike-Tour was  founded in 1982. At  first  it  was  just a  group  of  travelers  who  liked to travel around  Armenia and abroad, discover new areas, new destinations. The group  of  travelers  has overcome  various  heights, obstacles without  any fear  of  expected  difficulties. Being too much attracted from the  sights, the group members decided to convey the pleasure to those  who haven't managed  to experience  these  feelings yet.   Overcoming lots of unconquerable destinatons Hike-Tour is well known about  all the sightseeing  places in Armenia and  too much experienced  in offering different tour packages, which will suit the customers age, interests and pocket. Travel to Armenia and discover the excellence.


Adress: c. Abovyan, Str Tartu

Phone:+374 98 55 88 31

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