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Vayoc Dzor


Noravank is one of the religious and cultural centres of Armenia. The gravestones of Orbelian family are here. In the 13th-14th centuries this incomparable building was built by sculptors Momik and Sinars.







It is situated in Vayotc Dzor province. It is 2070m above the sea level. On the way you will see Ketchut reservoir. Jermuk is famous for its mineral waters and resorts. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountainous forests. There is a waterfall in the canyon of the city. The first resort was founded in 1935.






Gndevank ( meaning Round cathedral) is a 10th-13th century Armenian monastery in the Vayots Dzor Province of Armenia, along the road to Jermuk. The ancient monastery complex is a thousand years old, and in good condition. The monastery complex is surrounded by fort-like walls. Once inside one of the entrances or walls, you see the entire complex. There is a very nice church, with some great carved stones all around it, a large courtyard partly shaded by a large walnut tree, and the fort like walls, which have many chambers to explore. If you enter certain rooms you can just crawl into lower chamber after chamber and in this fashion go about 3 stories underground, so bring a flashlight! The excavations are incomplete, so like many monasteries there is the story that there is a tunnel leading to the river.


Red rocks

The gorge near Yeghegnadzor, made by Darichay river, is known for its tall, sheer, brick-red cliffs, directly across from the monastery.







Gladzor is an Armenian prominent educational center in Vayots Dzor. As a university it’s mentioned from 1291 and survived until 1340. Yesayah Nsheci taught theology, philosophy, geometry and bibliography here. Miniatures and music were developed here. Proshyan and Orbelyan princes were the sponsors of the university.
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